Our membership is open to existing Residents’ Associations (whether recognised or not), flat management companies, resident management companies of a block of flats or other leasehold properties. By joining you will become part of a community of associations actively interested in the management and well-being of their block of flats, and the wider political and legal issues affecting all leaseholders.

If you are not part of a group of leaseholders, click here for free advice from LEASE.

If you are interested in forming a group of leaseholders, an information pack is available to purchase and download. here.

Why join us?

The FPRA offers support and advice in order to help residents’ in blocks of flats deal with the everyday issues they face.


Practical and legal advice is available to our members.

The FPRA’s legal adviser, will review each case on its own merits, a process which includes scrutinising individual leases and the application of statute and case law. The advice will be as detailed and in depth as necessary to address the issue and answer the question. Whilst we cannot act for members, we will advise on possible tactics and strategies and if and when it is advisable to instruct a solicitor.

Our subject matter experts are also on hand to offer practical advice on the complexities of running a residential management company, disputes between freeholder and leaseholder, problems between individual leaseholders, forming a residents’ association for collective action and in other areas such as property management and structural matters.

Quarterly Newsletter

Membership includes a subscription to our digital newsletter which is sent out via email each quarter. Members can keep up to date with the latest news, articles on topical issues and our regular features such as Legal Jottings and Q&As.


FPRA members can take advantage of the ‘Members Only’ area of our website.  As well as being a valuable source of valuable information, comments, insights and experiences can be shared with fellow members.

How do I join?

Mixed-tenure Blocks

If any units in your development are not leasehold flats or apartments, please give full details at the end of the form.  Mixed-tenure blocks are sometimes not eligible for FPRA membership so we will need to see any relevant information before accepting your membership.

Step 1 – Complete the appropriate form:

Step 2 – Use the link below to purchase the correct level of membership:

Membership of the FPRA is subject to a once only joining fee and an annual subscription (see table below). The annual subscription varies depending on the number of flats or leasehold properties on the estate. The cost is per association not per flat. The subscription year begins 1st April. If joining from 1st January, subscriptions will run to 1st April the following year.

Members with up to 25 flats£127.50 + £90.00 joining fee
Members with 26 to 50 flats£145.00 + £90.00 joining fee
Members with 51 to 100 flats£210.00 + £90.00 joining fee
Members with 101 to 150 flats£285.00 + £90.00 joining fee
Members with 151+ flats£335.00 + £90.00 joining fee