We run webinars for our members throughout the year. Each one is based on a topical theme and is hosted by one of our specialist Honorary Consultants, sometimes alongside a specialist guest. The sessions are interactive, and as well as being able to listen and learn, our members have the opportunity to ‘Ask the FPRA’.

We promote our webinars in advance and invite FPRA members to register to attend. Our next series of webinars will cover:

  • Green Energy/Utilities
  • Commonhold
  • Electric Vehicles


As a non-member you can view a pre-recorded ‘Ask the FPRA’ Q&A session. The session is free and lasts for approximately 45 minutes, during which a number of generic subjects are addressed.

Non-members can also sample some of our recent webinars which are available here:

  • Ask the FPRA: A Life in Block Management with FPRA Honorary Consultant and Block Management expert Sally Drake.
  • Ask the FPRA: Committee & Board Meetings featuring our FPRA Vice-Chair and RTM expert Shula Rich.
  • Ask the FPRA: Leasehold Reforms with FPRA Honorary Consultant Mark Chick, Senior Partner at Bishop & Sewell

FPRA members can view previous recordings here: